Tekfen Agri 15:15 Webinar

Esteemed guests and Tekfen Agri General Manager Emrah INCE discuss agriculture and the agenda in these monthly webinar conversations.


Is A Sustainable World Possible With Individual Initiatives?

  • Cem Rodoslu - Rodoslu Marketing Solutions
  • Hikmet Öztürk - Deputy Managing Director Of Tema Foundation


Technology in Agriculture and Women in Technology

  • Serdar Dikbaş - Founder of tarimsalteknoloji.com Web Portal
  • Zehra Öney – Founder and President of Women’s Association in Technology


A New Year, New Beginnings, and Great Hopes

  • Haluk Okutur – Simit Sarayı Honorary Founding Chairman
  • Yıldız Camcıoğlu, Prof. MD. – Pediatry Infectuous Diseases Specialist, Clinical Immunology Specialist


Waiting for the New Year in the New Normal

  • Nev – Musician, Composer, Producer
  • Dietician Aslı İçingür – Nutrition and Diet Consultant


International Day of Rural Women

  • Helen Buket – Geologist
  • Ege – Singer/Author


World Food Day

  • Hasan İnsel, MD. – Internal Medicine Specialist, F.X. Mayr Doctor
  • Seçil Yurtseven - Founder, Çitçiexpress Integro, Special Customers Manager.