About Us

Based on its experience stemming from its strong foundations and deep-rooted history, Tekfen Holding is investing to future. Its heritage spanning over half century, environmentally conscious principles and mindfulness about people has made Tekfen Holding worthy for our country. Tekfen Agri takes over this leadership with its agricultural production and aims to become a leading company in this sector by utilizing its expertise and Tekfen’s farseeing investments.

With its faith to the soil of this country, Tekfen Agri is proud of keeping the Turkish flag flying all around the world and is leading the sector by always providing rational solutions thanks to its high-technology R&D studies.

As being one of the greatest supporters of domestic agricultural production, Tekfen Agri is aiming to go forward each day. Tekfen Agri consistently becomes stronger and protects the value of labor and our national treasures by working shoulder-to-shoulder with farmers. Thanks to its tissue culture operations, Tekfen Agri provides “agriculture and food” integration through a wide range of activities spanning over plant production from young plants to the fruits on the market. Tekfen Agri is aiming to grow until the last ring of value chain via organic and inorganic investments and it is one of the important agricultural production companies around the world with its diversity of plant production.


Yetki Belgelerimiz



Our History

  • 2022


    Sale of Hishtil Toros Fidecilik's 50% stake in Tekfen Tarım to Hishtil Türkiye Fidecilik.

  • 2019

    Transfer of Hishtil Toros Fidecilik's 50% stake in Toros Tarım to Tekfen Tarım

    31 August 2019

  • 2019

    Alanar Fruit is 100% part of Tekfen Agri

    May 2019

    Upon purchasing remaining share of co-founders of Alanar Fruit and Alanar Nursery, companies were incorporated in Tekfen Agri.

  • 2018

    Re-Organization under the name of Tekfen Agricultural Research Production and Marketing INC.

    22nd of November, 2018

    Following the inspections and upon an approval of The Ministry of Industry and Technology, Tekfen Agri Adana Agripark has become the R&D Centre.

  • 2017

    Tekfen Tarımsal Araştırma ve Üretim Pazarlama A.Ş. was founded.

    14th of February, 2018

    90% of the Alanar Fruit, one of the biggest and the most qualified fruit producers in Turkey and its affiliated company Alara Nursery was bought.

  • 2017

    Tekfen Tarımsal Araştırma ve Üretim Pazarlama A.Ş. was founded.

    9th of August, 2017

    Agripark areas were purchased.

  • 2013

    Re-organization of Techno-Agriculture under the roof of Toros Agriculture

  • 2009

    Re-organization under the roof of Toros Agriculture

    Special fertilizers

  • 2005

    Starting the cultivation of rootstocks of stone fruits

    Starting the cultivation of potato, strawberry and banana through tissue culture method

  • 2004

    Purchasing of Agripark/Adana Sepaksa Sabancı Holding

    (22 ha)