Agripark R&D Center

Biotechnological agricultural cultivation and research activities are conducted in Tekfen Agri Agripark R&D Center in Adana and this facility consists of biotechnology laboratories (tissue culture and molecular), greenhouses, cold storage house and process and storage units for field crops. As being one of Turkey’s first and limited technological agriculture centers, Tekfen Agri Adana-Agripark facilities has been producing seeds and saplings of high quality that are free-from diseases for Turkish farmers since 2004. The facility has had success especially in cultivation of banana and potatoes, and the purpose of the facility is to enrich its product range by benefiting from this experience for cultivation of other varieties and species. The rich bio-diversity of Anatolia (Asia Minor) has been utilizing as a source in this center and studies that will shape the future of agriculture in Turkey have been conducting. The application of Tekfen Agri to the Ministry of Industry and Technology has been approved and Tekfen Agri Adana-Agripark facilities have been qualified to have Research and Development (R&D) Center certification since November the 22nd of, 2018.

Our Tekfen Agri Agripark R&D Center includes a silo with 26.000 tons storage capacity, covered storage area with 5.000 tons bagged-crop capacity,

6.000-squaremeter Cedar Greenhouse (272 beds, potatoes),

3.000-squaremeter Spruce Greenhouse (128 beds, potatoes),

3.000-squaremeter for Greenhouse (banana sapling) and

650-squaremeter Juniper Greenhouse (fruit rootstock).