Thousands of seedlings will turn green in Syria with the Support of Hishtil-Toros Fidecilik

Hishtil-Toros Fidecilik responded to the call of the Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture for charitable donations of vegetable seedlings to normalize life and vitalize economic life in Syria, and donated 43,000 vegetable seedlings, most of which comprise grafted watermelon and cucumber seedlings, to Hatay Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry. Vegetable seedlings, sent from Hatay, were delivered to producers and farmers in Syria on April 29, 2021.

Hishtil-Toros A.Ş. General Manager Lütfü Sav stated: “As HishtiI-Toros, we take pride in supporting the call of the Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture to support agricultural development of Syria and the efforts of Syrian people to maintain their settled lives. Currently Syria experiences significant difficulties with production of vegetables, which is an essential item of consumption. To support the producers in the region and contribute to the recovery of the country to its former days of prosperity, we donated grafted watermelon and cucumber seedlings that can easily adopt to the harsh soil in the area. It is our hope that these seedlings, sent from Turkey, will be a lifeline for agriculture and economy in Syria. We wish our seedling donations will be transformed into expected production and find their way to tables."

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