Nevşehir Cold Storage House

Tekfen Agri Nevşehir Cold Storage, as other storages in the region, was built by caving the rocks. The facility has state of the art technology air conditioning and ventilation system and controlled storage procedures are applied.

8-months long term potato is stored in the facility. Seeds are processed and grown taller here, after that disinfected and stored. They are presented to customers in 50-kg jute bags or net sacks or 1.000-kg big-bags.

Elite and basic seeds produced in the field are brought the cold storage house for spending the sleeping period. Each seed arrived to the storage should be in line with certification acceptance criteria of the Ministry. Seeds are processed through modern selection-disinfection-growth units and taken into the storage. They are kept in 800-kg specially-made wooden bins.

The cold storage house built by Tekfen Agri is distinguishing from other storage houses in the region with its features. The volume of the facility is approximately 45.000 m3 and it has state of the art technology totally computer-controlled ventilation/cooling units along with having the natural advantages of underground storage. Total 32 rooms have individual ventilation and cooling and the storage provides economical, healthy and natural storing by utilizing above-ground technology in under-ground.

Along with the underground storage, the facility has additional units such as analysis laboratory, weighing machine station, trailer parking area, material stores, offices and dining hall. The purpose of the facility is to provide world-class seed potatoes needed by Turkish growers for domestic cultivation within the frame of all its recourses, and as a result to create an export potential.

Contact Information

Address: Nevşehir Province, On the way to Gülşehir 7. km Höyük Village Nar Town