Thanks to various climatic and soil conditions of our country, it is possible to cultivate the most of fruit types. Production of nursery stocks and its future in Turkey has a great importance.

As it is the case for many sectors, sector of fruit rootstock has been progressing rapidly. Quality standards can be met in newly established fruit gardens by applying mini rootstock selection, thickset method, and sufficient irrigation and fertilization methods. In addition to this, using accurate saplings free from diseases, and electing ecologically friendly rootstock and type are important criteria for fruit gardens established to operate for many years.

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Sapling cultivation and reproduction are done via seed, slip, layering, graft and tissue culture method, and clonal reproduction. In recent years, sapling cultivation via clonal rootstock has become prevalent. Micro reproduction by plant tissue culture enables cultivation of disease-free, virus-free, qualified and healthy plant cultivation and has an importance for current and future agricultural production.

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Tekfen Agri produces fruit rootstocks in its biotechnology laboratory and greenhouses in Agripark premises through tissue culture method. Growth rooms have 1.500.000 pieces of plant capacity, and disease-free and virus-free fruit rootstocks are cultivated via tissue culture method.