Sustainable Agriculture Objectives are;

  • Food safety and quality
  • Clean water and water saving
  • Business ethics and transparency
  • Occupational health and Safety
  • Worker engagement and satisfaction
  • Production continuity and efficiency
  • Compliance with international standards and laws
  • Use of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and energy saving
  • Combating climate change
  • Waste management, sorting and recycling, management of wastewater containing pesticide-fertilizer
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
surdurulebilir tarim

Tekfen Agriculture considers the contribution of environmental, social and economic sustainability as an important value in all of its agricultural activities in order to create domestic and national value in agriculture.

One of the goals of Tekfen Agriculture is to become one of the pioneers of agricultural sector in Turkey and directing the breakthroughs.

Being aware of the significance of women in the labor force, Tekfen Agriculture gives great importance to the added value created by women in all areas of production.

Tekfen Agriculture conducts positive discrimination in order to keep women employees more active in sustainable business life.

Tekfen Agriculture focuses on principle constituents of sustainable agriculture in its short, medium and long-term plans and projects.

It is aimed to pioneer projects that will create sustainable business models for the country's agriculture.

It is aimed to increase sustainability and efficiency with an innovative approach in business processes.

With the awareness of the meaning of water as “life”, Tekfen Agriculture prefers water management awareness in order to ensure the provision the exact amount of water needed for the soil and the plant.

“Better Food” for nutrition; The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) aims to include the sub-targets of “End of Hunger” theme this year. With this, it is aimed to add value to agriculture and nutrition based on agriculture by expanding our production range in line with the principles of sustainable agriculture.

With the awareness of food safety, it is aimed to develop and introduce new varieties of products in agriculture for sustainable food production.

In order to use the land, which is our main resource for agriculture, in a sustainable future, we do not exhaust the soil by performing the necessary soil analyzes before the agricultural activity. Our fertilization programs are decided according to the soil analysis.

We conduct our work with the objective of contributing to the protection, enrichment and sustainability of biodiversity.

Through consultation with agricultural managers and consultants, Tekfen Agriculture selects the production site and practices; and by preserving natural agricultural resources, contributes to the quality of life of the farmer, ensuring food-nutrient safety and maintaining production continuity.

Tekfen Agriculture determines future strategies for the progress and development of agricultural production and employment in our country.

With the awareness of the importance of research and development activities for a sustainable future, Tekfen Agriculture has established a R & D Center and it directs the future of agriculture.

Research and application, development and introduction of advanced technology applications in agriculture are among our R & D objectives.

Tekfen Agriculture's economic development is based on fair competition, transparent and accountable management approach.

It adopts and applies innovative approaches to increase continuity and efficiency in business processes.

It uses innovative and modern techniques in its production processes and contributes to sustainable agriculture through disease and virus-free plant and seed production.

Through the use of molecular and classical breeding techniques for “Wheat” plant, which is one of the fundamental nutritional products in human nutrition, new and quality sorts are obtained, thereby meeting the needs of our country.

With the use of high technology in seed potato production which is highly dependent on abroad, we contribute to seed sustainability in domestic and national seed production.

In the field of agriculture, with the approach of innovative products and applications, sesame trials suitable for machine harvest are conducted, and it is aimed to contribute to sustainable agriculture with the productive, high quality and machine-harvested sesame varieties suitable for the use of our country's farmers in the near future.

Tekfen Agriculture provides internship opportunities for students in order to help them work in the field of agriculture, to have knowledge and to establish a qualified employment, and contributes to the way of doing business in the sector.

In order to increase the qualified employment of the young population in the agricultural sector, we continue our business with the goal of increasing the young employee population.

Tekfen Agriculture has established a standard in terms of workplace and working conditions in all activity centers and conducts its business with utmost care on subjects such as nutrition, medical support, occupational health and safety.

Tekfen Agriculture's equal opportunity policy covers all of its employees.

Tekfen Agriculture believes that the trace of carbon and water footprint is important in the cultivation of plants.

The importance to start with rainfall harvest due to negative effects of climate change and decreasing rainfall is understood and Tekfen Agriculture believes that this issue should be taken into consideration in new investments.

For efficient and productive water usage, Tekfen Agriculture prefers to use new generation pressurized water systems in production areas.

In order to minimize toxicity by using effective and appropriate amount of spraying and fertilizing in production areas, the needs of soil and plants are analyzed and applications are carried out under the supervision of experts.

The competence of the employees is provided for all machinery and equipment requiring competence and legally required documents are provided.

Employees' training needs and demands are positively met and supported.

The administration, selection, purchase, storage, safety, transport, application and transportation of pesticides meets the relevant legal and technical requirements and is carried out in a way to minimize adverse impacts on the environment.

Acting with the goal of reducing the use of non-renewable energy resources, Tekfen Agriculture aims to increase the use of renewable energy resources.

Employees work with protective work equipment suitable for occupational safety and have the necessary warning signs.