Tekfen Agri introduced its wheat varieties, the new favorites of farmers, in Field Days Fair

Tekfen Agri, one of the leading supporters of domestic and national agricultural production, introduced its newest bread wheat varieties in Field Days Fair. High-yielding bread wheat varieties, resistant to diseases and drought, attracted considerable attention.

Tekfen Agri, one of the leading supporters of domestic agricultural production, attended the Field Days Fair that brought together all stakeholders in the agriculture industry to establish a technical and commercial platform. Farmers showed a great deal of interest in the fair, where DLG Fuarcılık took and enforced top protective measures against the pandemic. Tekfen Agri, aiming to contribute positively to Turkish farmers and cereal production in our country, exhibited its new bread wheat varieties for the first time in the Field Days Fair. All farmers that visited Tekfen Agri booth in the fair were informed in detail about growing products with higher yield and higher quality.

Bread wheat varieties of Tekfen Agri were appreciated in the fair
TEKFEN 2064 , TEKFEN 1013, and TEKFEN 2038 bread wheat varieties, offered to farmers upon trial plantations in 53 provinces and hundreds of districts by Tekfen Agri, conducting breeding activities with domestic and national agricultural varieties, were highly appreciated by farmers in the far with their drought resistance and high yield.

Tekfen Agri General Manager Emrah İnce expressed their satisfaction with the great interest of farmers that attended the fair and stated “We have officially introduced our new wheat seed varieties, which we have been working on for two years, to Turkish agriculture and Turkish farmers by means of this fair. Our seeds, which we already consider becoming a favorite for Turkish farmers, attracted a great deal of attention. Besides being a platform where we exhibited our studies aimed at strengthening domestic and national agriculture, which is indispensable for us, the fair was also a highly rewarding organization where our farmers witnessed new technologies, new seeds, and new agricultural methods.”

The fair, which will be open to visitors until May 28, Friday at Tekirdağ Süleymanpaşa Karaevli, comprises 72 participant companies in an area of 122 thousand square meters. New plant varieties, plant protection products, fertilizers, mechanization, tractors, and new technologies are on display at the fair, which draws a great deal of attention despite the circumstances caused by the pandemic.

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