Tekfen Agri Will Improve Barley Against The Risk Of Drought-Based Famine

TEKFEN AGRI, the pioneer of sustainable agriculture, became the only Turkish company working in international GENDIBAR barley improvement project.


Tekfen Agri became the only Turkish company included in the project for improvement of drought-resistant barley seeds, supported by the EU, against the risk of famine arising from declining water sources in European – Mediterranean region.

The project, to be conducted under the Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area – PRIMA, involves universities and research institutes from 6 countries besides Tekfen Agri Adana Agripark R&D Centre Facilities.

While environmental and social changes continue to rapidly affect agricultural food and water resources worldwide, countries and private organizations also carry out studies aimed at minimizing potential impacts. In this context, HORIZON 2020, an innovation program conducted by EU that funds scientific studies in numerous sectors, supports agricultural and food studies. The Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area – PRIMA, funded by this support, initiated a new project aimed at sustainability of agricultural food systems. Within the scope of Barley Genetic Diversity Project, an international study will be conducted regarding drought-resistant barley seed improvement.

The First International R&D Project of Tekfen Holding
Tekfen Agri Adana Agripark R&D Centre, having received R&D Centre license from the relevant ministry (Ministry of Industry and Technology) at the end of the last year, had long been conducting studies aimed at improvement of plants such as wheat, corn, and rice, which are extremely important for nutritional needs of people. Inclusion of an organization such as Tekfen Agri, which has commercial operations as well, in the scope of PRIMA Project besides academic institutions and research institutes, also implies the international recognition of the competencies of Agripark ‘as a research institute’. The Project also stands out as the first international R&D project of Tekfen Holding; the parent company of Tekfen Agri.

“Tekfen Agri Demonstrated Its International Strength”
Emrah Ince, General Manager of Tekfen Agri, made remarks about the matter and indicated that being selected for a study involving only academic and research institutions, outcomes of which may positively impact the whole European continent, was of great importance. Ince stated “Our Tekfen Agri Adana Agripark R&D Centre once again demonstrated that it is an institution of global significance.” and pointed out the importance of international cooperation in ensuring sustainability of agricultural food systems. İnce explained, “Besides us, the partnership involves academic or research institutes from Italy, Algeria, Germany, Egypt, Spain, and Tunisia. Great emphasis is placed on purposeful use of the genetic resources of every country. Particularly in consideration of the global climate change, different breeding programs must be developed according to different climate change scenarios.”

About PRIMA…
PRIMA Program is a research support program with multiple partners, which will last 10 years as of 2018, and conducted pursuant to article 185 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. According to the program in question, international and multiple-partnered research and innovation projects, to be conducted in the fields of water resources and food systems, will be supported and various countries to the North and South of the Mediterranean will be encouraged to participate in international projects to be initiated in this context.

19 countries, which participate in PRIMA, committed a total of € 274 million for 10 years. Ufuk2020 Program also allocated € 220 million to PRIMA. Financial commitment of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, which participated in the program on behalf of Turkey, made a total financial commitment of € 5 million for the first 5 years of the program.