The popularity of apricot around world is increasing not just because of its flavour and appearance, but also its health benefits since apricot is a rich source of vitamin, mineral and fibre. In order to produce high-quality apricots, Alanar Fruit has high-capacity optic sorting machines.

Apricot has yellow, orange and pinkish blushes, rich-antioxidant content, a fibrous structure and long shelf life. Alanar Fruit has 2 different export lines for apricot; the first one of them is to cultivate and export the types originated from America and France. Until today, Alanar has planted more than 55.000 apricot trees in the regions under 3 different climate conditions, and harvesting 2.000 tons of apricot annually and this amount is increasing each year.

The second line includes the export of Malatya-Hacıhaliloğlu, a local type. Hacıhaliloğlu is a sweet and pinkish type with 30-35 mm small size, a rich flavour and 23-24 Brix value.

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