The world champion red, fleshy and juicy sweet cherry!

Alanar Company is producing cherries in 3 different regions of Turkey from beginning to the end of the season, on 100 Ha of area. Alanar also supply cherries from contracted, Global GAP certified cherry growers. Besides main cherry variety Ziraat 900, Alanar also produces and exports Regina and Kordia varieties. Cherries in the orchards are pre-cooled with Mobile Hydro-Cooler to extend the shelf life and conserve the freshness. Pallet-based hydro cooler systems ensure advantage of quickest cooling for high density harvest operations.

Alanar Company grows cherries in different regions, climatic conditions, and altitudes thanks to modern methods applied in the orchards. By this means, cherry season is extended to 70-80 days. (There is 30-meter altitude difference between orchards. This causes a one-day difference between harvest dates.)

On the other hand, Alanar has established “Producer & Investor Association” with long term contracts in order to keep the quality and procurement quality at maximum. In-house production operations are performed in order to direct investors during plantation and cultivation stages.

Alanar has planted Regina and Kordia cherry varieties in its orchards and in contracted growers’ orchards. Sorting and packaging procedures are done in Alanar Packaging Premises on the most modern, sophisticated and highest-capacity cherry sorting lines.

Cherry Production

Alanar has optic cherry packaging machine which sorts cherries by their colour, size, internal and external defects. Process capacity of the machine is 10-12 tons/hour.

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