Turkey features the Mediterranean climate that is excellent for the kiwifruit, which is growing rapidly in our country. While not indigenous to Turkey, kiwifruit receives more harvests each year than the previous one, and as of 2020, the harvest has grown to 70,000 tons. In addition to Vitamin C, our kiwifruit includes Vitamins A, E, K, calcium, magnesium, minerals, phosphorus and high fiber content, presenting numerous health benefits and an intense aroma of over 11% Brix.

Hayward kiwifruit grown in Yalova, Mersin and the Black Sea region, which have the most suitable climate conditions, is packaged in Alanar’s facility with all required certifications and delivered to export customers on five continents, chiefly Europe. Alanar Fruit’s fresh kiwifruit is processed at Alanar Fruit Iznik Plants, the only kiwifruit packaging plant in our country with the TSE Covid certificate, using the world’s leading packaging mechanisms. Pallets prepared with excellent hygiene standards using the latest technologies are delivered in their freshest form possible, maintaining a cold chain. It is offered to the market with both retail and bulk packaging options from 70 g to 120 g.

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