Banana Sapling

Serious studies are required in Turkey in order to improve the yield and the quality of banana production and to export the products. For that purpose, Tekfen Agri has been producing true to type, healthy and certified banana saplings. This production has been performed by using tissue culture in the laboratory and greenhouses in Adana Agripark plant.

Generally, the establishment of banana gardens in Turkey and around the world is in the form of using young plants along with main plants. However, recently banana plantations have been started to establish by using banana saplings that are produced via meristem-meristematic tissue culture method in order to achieve a healthy and homogenous production.

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The Advantages of Banana Sapling Cultivation through Tissue Culture Method

  • Production in laboratory environment under sterile conditions,
  • Disease and pest free saplings,
  • Homogenous plant cultivation,
  • True to type propagation
  • Bunch formation in a shorter time,
  • High yield and quality

The sapling is one of the most important factors in banana cultivation that affects the yield and the quality. Tekfen Agri produces certified saplings in open fields and greenhouses by using tissue culture method.

In our tissue culture laboratories, we have been cultivating the following varieties that are addressing the market:

  • Grand Nain

The banana plants produced by tissue culture method are put on the market with blue label.