Heat treatment and polishing procedure is the most current and unique technological investment of Alanar taken place in Turkey.

The heat treatment enables detection and elimination of defective chestnuts and eases the stripping inner skin after grilling or boiling the chestnuts. After the polishing procedure, chestnuts are ready to be packed in 5 and 10-kg boxes or 5, 10, 25-kg sacks.

The chestnut sizing starts from 100 pcs/kg to 40 pcs/kg for the biggest sizes. All sizing is done as 40-50 pieces, 51-60 pieces, 61-70 pieces, 71-80 pieces, 81-100 pieces/kg.

In Turkey, Sekerci Castanea cultivar is excellent quality. Of oblong shape, with a reddish colored epicarp (skin) that is shiny with dense, often raised stripes and small semi rectangular shaped hilar scar. Large sized marrons are not divided, have a sweet flavor, with the kernel itself free of hollows and easily separable from the episperm (pellicle); it protects the seed and is only superficially attached to the nut. It is easily removable by mechanical means, thereby easing the industrial processing.

Our chestnuts are cultivated throughout the Aydın and Denizli region by especially in the mountainous areas. It is an important product of the producers in this region since it can be cultivated in mountainous areas during winter season.

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