Healthy and certified banana saplings are produced through tissue culture method in biotechnology laboratory and greenhouses situated in Tekfen Agri Adana Agripark R&D Center.

Since 2018, the cultivation of qualified, tasty and sweet-scented Gran Nain banana variety that is highly preferred by Turkish consumers have been produced in Antalya Çandır Pilot Banana Cultivation Greenhouses through using Gran Nain banana saplings produced in tissue culture laboratory in Agripark R&D Center.

Tekfen Agri is aiming to produce 4.500 tons of banana fruits through large-scale investments in banana cultivation. Pilot banana greenhouses gave good yields in 2017 and fruits sold in domestic markets and also exported to other countries.

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  • GRAN NAIN variety certified banana fruits have been produced by using Tekfen Agri banana saplings.
  • The average yield of 2018, first year banana harvest season was 7 tons/decare.
  • Antalya Çandır Pilot Banana Cultivation Greenhouse is 16.800 m2, and 11.800 m2 of it is plastic greenhouse and 5.000 m2 is glass greenhouse.

For one piece of Banana (170 gram)

  • Calorie= 130.9 kcal
  • Carbohydrate= 3.0 gr
  • Protein= 1.0 gr
  • Vitamin A = 64.6 IU
  • Vitamin C = 16.1 mg