Mario Triticum durum

General Features
Spike Features Awn 
Plant Height (cm) 85- 95 cm
Lodging Tolerance Resistant 
Using Type Pasta, Semolina, Pounded Wheat
Yield (kg/da) Avr: 680 Max: 790
Adaptable Zone Alternative 
Soil Type Base, Semi-Base 
Drought Tolerance Resistant 
Cold Tolerance Resistant 
Technological Features
Protein Ratio (%)           13 – 16                                                                  
Vitreous (%) 98 – 100
Semolina Yellow Degree 23 – 27
Thousand Grain Weight (g) 50 – 52
Hectoliter Weight (kg/l) 82 – 84                                          
Diseases Tolerance
Yellow Rust (Puccinia striiformis) Resistant                                                                               
Leaf Spot (Septoria tritici) Medium Resistant 
Powdery Mildew (E. graminis) Resistant 
Brown Rust (P. Recondita tritici) Resistant 
Production Advice

• Date of Planting Between 15 October-15 November 

• Amount of Planting Seeds : 24-26 kg/da 

• Please apply fertilization programs given in “Fertilization Guide” located on Toros Tarım website and in the dealers. 

*Mario has been registreted by Sygenta.