What is zinc-coated seed?
  • The germination with the zinc-coated seed is the fastest.
  • After the germination, the zinc-coated seeds reach soil surface fast and with levels.
  • Thanks to zinc, the plants have healthy and well-growth root structures.
  • The roots of zinc-coated seeds have strong volume and deep root system.
  • Zinc enables wheat plants to have the best and uniform tillering.
  • Zinc enables wheat plants to have the highest level of earth adaptation, to benefit from earth fertilizers and to have the highest yield.
  • Thanks to zinc, the high quality products and high yield are obtained.
General Features
Ear White, Spiny
Grain Colour Red
Plant Height 90-105 cm
Lodging Resistant
Using Type Bread Wheat
Grain Yield (kg/da) Average: 650 Maximum: 850
Growth Type Summer
Growing Area Bottom and Half-Bottom Lands
Drought Resistance Medium
Cold Resistance Medium
Disease Resistance Resistant